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  DP Advanced (Simulator) Course


SIMS offshore training DP Centre, Govandi, Mumbai


5 days

DP System:

Kongsberg KPos II

Course Details:

Practical Exercises, Planning Exercises, Risk Analysis, Use of Field Charts, DP Checklists, Watch keeping, Identification and Responses to Various Failures, Use of Status Lights, Evaluate Alarms and Messages, Communication. HiPAP and RADius Operation.


DP Advanced Certificate (Nautical Institute approved)

Dates and Booking:

For further information email dp@samundra.comor call +91-22-67993545

Course Objectives:

  • Provide participants with a thorough practical knowledge of DP operations under all circumstances under simulated training systems.
  • Provide hands-on experience in execution of real time DP operations.
  • Carefully planned exercises and real time situations prepare the candidates to confidently & competently tackle any situation that may arise when on DP.
  • Assess the preparedness of participants to undertake operations under all types of situations including emergencies.

Course Contents:
The course is predominantly simulator based training with the following:

  • Case study of accidents and incidents on DP vessels
  • Planning on Navscreen and UTM charts.
  • Assignments on DP projects including contingency operations.
  • Application of DP on various offshore vessels.
  • HiPAP and RADius operations.
  • Simulated DP operations.

Course Duration
: 5 Days.

Trainer Equipment: State-of-the-art Full mission Ship Handling simulator with Kongsberg K-Pos II and Independent Joystick System (IJS). Bridge Console with ECDIS, ARPA, and Electronic Field Chart (for planning). HiPAP APOS, RADius Operator Statation and DGPS Monitors.

Eligibility Criteria: Seafarers with COC having completed the Basic DP Course and minimum of 30 days DP watchkeeping and completion of DP Logbook tasks.

Batch Intake: 1- 4 delegates per batch

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  ‣Electro Technical Officer Training (ETO)
  ‣Diploma In Nautical Science (DNS)
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