Please read the below instructions before filling the online application forms (Click here for Step by Step Guide)
1. I have read and understood the SIMS Eligibility Criteria & Prospectus
2. I am aware that if I do not meet the SIMS eligibility criteria, I will not be allowed to proceed to the stage of online test. Also, I will not be entitled to obtain any refund of the registration fees.
3. All information provided by me in the application form is true and complete in all respect. I am aware that any misrepresentation or omission of information made by me will be considered as a sufficient cause for withdrawal of my offer and dismissal from the course at any stage.
4. I am aware that I can apply only once for a particular batch and  in case I try applying twice for the same batch I will not be allowed to attend the online test ; also I will not be entitled to obtain any refund of he registration fees.
5. I hereby confirm that I have adhered to the following declaration:
A. I shall not engage in or participate in any business or be self-employment during my training at SIMS. 
B. I shall not misuse controlled drugs or take part in any political or other illegal activities during my stay in SIMS premise. 
C. I have not submitted any false statement or submitted any document which I know to be false in order to obtain the admission at SIMS 
D. I confirm that my candidature is purely on my merit and does not involve any recommendations. 
E. I have not bribed any one in ESM, SIMS, Agent, or outside agencies to get my admission at SIMS. 
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