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240º Field of View Full Mission Bridge Simulator
SIMS, Mumbai has the 240º Field of View Full Mission Bridge Simulator which is loaded with programme modules based on present vessels under ESM’s management. The simulator includes an advanced 240º live horizontal vision with the capability to rotate the same through the entire 360º, an ECDIS system, radar, conning console, steering console, navigational equipment and a chart table. The instructor control station is placed separate from where all actions can be seen, monitored and controlled; the instructor control is interactive and live during the exercises.

Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator
The LCHS is undoubtedly one of the most significant training aids for a seafarer. The LCHS installed at SIMS simulates the processes and systems used in a vast range of operations ranging from routine cargo work to emergencies with a catastrophic potential. It is a PC-based version, which consists of an instructor’s station and three trainee stations with the potential of adding three more trainee stations in future. The trainee stations can either carry out independent operations or be a part of a single ship where they can practice the communication and coordination required on a real ship.
The 5m x 4m x 3m tank is fitted with a Framo cargo pump SD 125 with hydraulic power pack as well as portable Framo pump SD 80 with hydraulic pipes and winch from Frank Mohn AS, Norway. Stainless steel pipelines, level gauges, high level alarms, heating coils, pressure vacuum valves etc have also been fitted. The tank was designed and manufactured under strict guidance from the Fukuoka shipyard in Japan. To give a real life function, it has an added utility to fill in and empty fresh water into the tank.

SIMS provides a TOTAL and ALL-ROUNDED learning experience where our seafarers get practical hands-on training to face the real ongoing situations. The facilities include unique hands on equipment like a down sized stainless steel tank of a chemical tanker fitted with a FRAMO Cargo Pump having stainless steel pipelines, level guages, high level alarms, heating coils, etc. To give a real life function, it has an added utility to fill in and empty fresh water into the tank.

Guest House
A considerable investment has been made towards establishing a luxurious accommodation just adjacent to the  SIMS Building.  A 40-bedded guesthouse is available free of charge to all joining and off-signing ESM crew members- both officers and ratings- transiting Mumbai, India. The guesthouse also provides accommodation to all our trainees attending courses at SIMS. Located at 19th and 20th Floor of Runwal Centre, Govandi, each room of the Guest house is attached with a bathroom apart from a common dining cum lounge-area. Apart from regular lodging and breakfast, the guesthouse also provides sports and recreational facilities like gymnasium and an outdoor swimming pool.

The well-stocked Library serves as the foundation for teaching and research in the Faculty of Education. The library caters exclusively to the students and faculty of SIMS. It offers a broad range of titles relevant to maritime disciplines, mechanical engineering, computers and the basic sciences. The Library also receives a large number of popular magazines and current maritime journals. Multi-media resources are also available and are expected to grow. The library remains open over extended hours for the benefit of all the Candidates and Faculties and is used extensively for research related to project assignments.
The library acquires government documents on a range of topics including nautical charts, sailing directions, and US Coast Guard and MARAD (Maritime Administration) publications.

All classrooms are fully air-conditioned and are equipped with modern audio-visual aids. Subjects that require specialised equipment to be used during instruction are taught in suitably equipped, dedicated rooms. Each classroom can accommodate upto 20 students. Larger drawing halls and Conference Halls are also available for Chart Correction Classes.

Chemical Laboratory
A Chemical Lab is available inside the Tankroom for conducting Wall Wash Test for the Officers joining Chemical Tankers. All necessary apparatus and Analytical Grade Chemicals are provided to the officers for performing the Wall - Wash test.

A 40-chaired Cafeteria is available for the Candidates attending courses in SIMS to have refreshments during their break time.

SIMS Mumbai is equipped to train the officers in the type specific training for JRC, TRANSAS and FURUNO ECDIS. Our faculties are well trained and certified to carry out the necessary training.  In addition to the theoretical teaching, we mainly emphasize on practical training. All our courses are designed to allow the trainee full access to the ECDIS.  Important aspects such as chart set-up, route planning, route monitoring, making user maps, manual corrections and chart updating are our primary focus.

LNG Simulator
This simulator is mathematically modeled and can realistically simulate scenarios of oil, chemical and LNG tankers.
It comprises of a training programme appropriate to their duties, including Liquefied Natural Gas tanker safety, fire safety measures and systems, pollution prevention, operational practice and obligations under applicable laws and regulations.
The courses conducted on the LNG Simulator are approved by Indian administration, DNV, SIGGTO, etc.

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  ‣Diploma In Nautical Science (DNS)
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