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  DP Maintenance Course


SIMS offshore training DP Centre, Govandi, Mumbai


5 days (Monday to Friday)

DP System:


Course Details:  

Dynamic Positioning Technical and Maintenance of equipments, Position Reference Systems, Line diagrams, Thrusters and Propulsion systems, Elements, Controller and Operator Station fault finding.


SIMS DP Maintenance Course Certificate

Dates and Booking: 

For further information email dp@samundra.comor call +91-22-67993545

Course Objectives:

  • Provide the participants the basics of DP system, various DP systems in use, elements of DP system, IMO requirements, classification of DP vessels, various applications of DP vessels.
  • To prepare students to identify faults on units and to replace these with spares held in stock/ on board.
  • Introduce the participants to system documentation and details so as to prepare them to perform periodic maintenance, and communicate with manufacturer's representative / service personnel when assistance is needed.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to DP technology and principles
  • System arrangement, DP Class requirement
  • General information about: Sensors -Position Reference Systems - Thrusters Power Management System, Practical Operation, Interface, Cable Layout and Checks.
  • Emphasis will be on problem solving approaches with discussion of various common defects / problems.

Teaching methodology
: The teaching will be presented in a combination of theoretical lessons and practical exercises. The participants will have access to DP systems installed to get hands-on experience.

Trainer equipments: Programmable logic controller, redundant DP equipment and other accessories found on board.
Course Duration: 5 Days. 

Eligibility Criteria: Electrical Officers, Electrical/ Electronic Engineers (ETO) and Engineers responsible for the daily maintenance of the DP system and other systems/ equipment on board DP Vessels.

Batch intake: 1 – 8 delegates per batch.

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  ‣Diploma In Nautical Science (DNS)
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