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  DP Basic (Induction) Course


SIMS offshore training DP Centre, Govandi, Mumbai


5 days (Monday to Friday)

DP System:

Kongsberg KPos

Course Details:

Introduction to DP, Principles of DP, Power Management System, Position Reference Systems, DP Operations and Procedures/Checklists, Rules and Regulations, Essentials for the DPO


DP Basic Certificate (Nautical Institute approved)

Dates and Booking:

For further information email dp@samundra.comor call +91-22-67993545

This course is the first phase of the certification process stipulated by The Nautical Institute (UK). The Nautical Institute certification is an industry standard endorsement.

Course Objectives:

  • Impart knowledge of Dynamic Positioning (DP) and the related practical use of DP and the systems limitations.
  • Adequate training on operation of DP Systems, Position Reference Systems and the recognition of alarms and warnings.
  • The importance of position reference systems, their limitations and other DP related control systems including Power Management System.
  • The effect of wind, sea, current, tides and vessels movement relative to DP operations (Capability plots and footprint plots)
  • The working of offshore Industry and the type of vessels involved with Offshore Industry & use of DP systems on Offshore Vessels.
  • The operational procedures, as well as the Rules and Regulations that are required by DP Vessels.

Course Contents:

  • Definition of DP, DP systems and redundancy.
  • DP Systems functions and principles.
  • Types of DP vessels and the operations carried out by them.
  • Advantages and limitation of DP Systems.
  • Consequence analysis and Capability plots.
  • Procedures for operating DP systems.

Course Duration
: 5 Days.

Trainer Equipment: Kongsberg K-Pos II 

Eligibility Criteria:
Any Deck or Engine dept.seafarer in possession of Certificate of Competency (COC) or in the process of obtaining a COC. Certificate of Service (COS) holders and Radio Officers are also eligible as other Marine Vocational Qualification (on a case to case basis by Nautical Institute)

Batch Intake: 1 - 4 delegates per batch

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