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1. What is SIMS alumni association?
Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies (SIMS) Alumni association is a platform which serves to connect the community of SIMS alumni to their alma mater and other fellow alumni. This website serves a virtual domain to keep the alumni abreast on the latest happenings and developments on campus. We also invite for industry updates and discussions in our Forum section for higher engagement and professional enhancement

The main purpose of the Association of SIMS Alumni (ASA) is to develop and foster relationships with our alumni through various means which may include organizing events to enhance interaction between alumni, faculty and the existing cadets of the institute. The alumni association also strives to cultivate a sense of belonging to the institute by engaging existing cadets in its mission for them to maintain a lifetime tie association with SIMS.

This would encourage future alumni to participate in the development of the institute’s vision of becoming a center of academic excellence in maritime education. .

2. How do I register for the SIMS alumni association?
You could register yourself with your name, SIM roll number and CDC number in the SIMS alumni website

3. How do I login?
You can input your username and password that was used during registration at the SIMS alumni website

4. I don’t remember my user name. How do I login?
Please email us for a request through your SIMS alumni email ID

5. I don’t have my Password. How do I login?
Please email us for a request through your SIMS alumni email ID

6. How much does the membership of SIMS alumni association cost?
At present, its free.

7. Can I access my SIMS alumni association account through Facebook?
Not at the moment, but we can put a link in the website to our SIMS official facebook page

8. Why am I getting a message about an invalid username/password?
Please contact SIMS alumni email to see if there is an error in the username and password

9. How do I change my address for all mailings?
Update the address from the SIMS alumni website

10. Who can see my personal information?
Your personal information is secure within the alumni community and anyone who has registered as SIMS Alumni at our website can view your details

11. How do I submit an update about myself to the association?
Update your details on the personal info page after you log in at the SIMS Alumni website

12. Is there any expiry for my account?
No expiry at the moment, unless management wants to do a yearly renewal

13. I have a new name, title or address. How do I let the Alumni Association know?
Can update yourself on the personal info page

14. I need to know my membership ID number. Where can I find it?
There is no membership ID. You only require a user id and password for the SIMS Alumni website.

15. Over the years, I've lost touch with a college friend. How can I contact him?
If your friend is registered in the website, you will be able to find the info on the website itself

16. I would like to learn more about a historical person who was connected to the Institute. Where do I go?
You can contact SIMS alumni email

17. Do alumni have borrowing privileges at the library on campus?
Yes, you may borrow books from the library. However, you need to return them before leaving the campus.

18. I just graduated from the institute and want to join the Alumni Association. What do I do?
You will be provided a username and password once you pass out from SIMS and before leaving the campus.

19. Where can I find more information regarding various events and ceremonies?
You can visit the photo gallery as well as the SIMS facebook page for updates. Besides, various links provided in the webpage can give you information on external agencies like IMU, DG Shipping, etc.

20. May I join the SIMS alumni association if I'm not a graduate of SIMS?
We regret to inform you that SIMS Alumni is only for Graduates from SIMS, like any other alumni association.

21. How many members does the association have now?
All ex cadets are being provided free membership.The process is on.

22. What are the benefits of membership?
You can link up with ex SIMS fraternity. Old boys’ reunion will be planned out in various field offices. You can attend them as per your availability and take guidance and assistance from the fraternity.

23. Do you provide opportunities for SIMS alumni members to serve SIMS in future?
Please apply as per qualification as and when a job is posted. Yiu may even enquire directly from time to time with the Manager HR.

24. Can I send a manual application to join the association?
Online application is more acceptable.

25. I want to contribute towards Samundra spirit. How do I go about it?
Please address your article to Mr Biju Baben and mail it to