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Date of Post : 15/7/2020 11:03:21 PM

Good evening, Alumni,

Reproducing below a special message from Capt V r Krishnan, ex Dean Nautical Science on the occasion of the first SIMS cadet becoming a Master onboard an ESM Ship 


Dear all,


Good day.


I feel very proud to share such a pleasant and encouraging news with all of you this morning.


It is with immense satisfaction to hear that after nearly 16 years of commencement of DNS course at SIMS Lonavla we have been able to get this heartening news that our SIMS trained boy Mr. Atul Kumar is in command of our oil tanker CLAXTON BAY w.e.f 9th July 2020.


Please spread this news as wild fire amongst SIMS Alumni and other areas so that all involved not only in training but also ex SIMS boys get the message that perseverance and persistence eventually pays in the long run.


This is indeed a dream come true as you may be unaware that it is very difficult in todays's maritime scenario to obtain such an achievement. There are many hurdles to surpass when a 2nd Officer gets promoted as a Ch. Officer, but getting promoted from a Ch. Officer to a Master is indeed a much greater achievement.


We salute all the gurus and trainers who were involved in nurturing Mr. Atul Kumar at SIMS and also wish to congratulate him and his family for securing this great achievement. Today SIMS flag is indeed flying higher than before.


Best Regards,

Capt. V.R Krishnan