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Welcome to the official alumni website of Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies (SIMS).
The website is developed so that Samundrites can use it both as a key resource to tap on for information on the latest developments at SIMS and ESM as well as keep in touch with friends and fellow alumni.

Mission: To develop and engage alumni in the future of the Institute
The main purpose of the Association of SIMS Alumni (ASA) is to develop and foster relationships with our alumni through various means which may include organizing events and functions to enhance interaction between alumni, faculty and the existing cadets of the institute.

The alumni association also strives to cultivate a sense of belonging to the institute by engaging existing cadets in its mission so that they will understand the importance of maintaining lifetime ties with SIMS.

This would encourage future alumni to participate in the development of the institute’s vision of becoming a centre of academic excellence in maritime education.

Our Team
Predominantly run by the institute, Executive Committee (ExCO) ensures the alumni association is equipped to support the strategic goals of the institute in becoming a centre of academic excellence in maritime education globally. It also welcomes and encourages alumni members who have a keen interest in developing and working for the goals of the institute to be part of the team.